Boot Time with Nanobsd

Phill Hocking phocking at
Fri Aug 4 19:37:44 UTC 2006

Roger Miranda (Digital Relay) wrote:
> Good Day Everyone,
> I finally got Nanobsd up and running, and have done some customizations to 
> it's kernel and have added some packages.
> The one small issue I had from the start was the time it took for nanobsd to 
> start up. It just sits there with the cursor on the screen for almost 
> 30seconds.
> Any ideas? Can this be fixed?
> Thanks for all your help.
> Roger
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You aren't really familiar with linux/unix are you? I suppose you could 
see if DOS would be quicker for your application. Anyhow, take every 
device driver that is not necessary out of your kernel config file. I 
imagine you are using GENERIC, which has twenty different RAID drivers 
and fifteen different Ethernet chipsets. Most embedded systems take 
between 30s and 1min to get booted, in that sense it is just like a 
standard pc. Hell my 400mhz mips (probably 2-3x faster than your board) 
MikroTik 532 takes 25 seconds or so to get booted up, and RouterOS is 
only 7mb.

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