bootable PCI flash slot?

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> On 22 Oct 2004, at 15:10, Howard Jones wrote:
> I've just finished preparing a FreeBSD-based flash-booting 
> router/firewall, which is currently using a DiskOnModule to boot from. 
> If possible, I'd like the flash to be externally accessible to make 
> upgrading or moving the flash a little simpler. Does anyone know of a 
> PCI-slot flash carrier that can present itself as a bootable IDE drive 
> with an external slot? I've found some PCI-PCMCIA cards, but they all 
> talk about Windows compatibility, and appear to be aimed at digital 
> camera users more than anything...

We have been using this part ( for
some time.  It doesn't have the external slot you mentioned but it has
been very reliable for us.  Our experience with DiskOnModule was very
negative, lots of failures.  One word of warning, hot swapping of
CF from the PC engines product is not recommended.  I wonder if the
devices you point at below have this limitation.  If they do, external
access might not be a good thing.

> Answering my own question, mainly so it goes into the archive - these 
> are what I was looking for:
>   or
> IDE-connected but with optional external slot through a PCI backplane. 
> Not hot-swap, but nice & cheap.


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