build picobsd

sonjaya son_jaya at
Sun Jan 23 23:23:17 PST 2005

dear all
 i try build picobsd in freebsd 5.2 when i try build
it i get error message  :
-----------------------error message------------------
-> Building with following parameters:
        Type:     dial (using oinit as init(8))
        MFS size: 1600 kB
        Language: en
-> We'll use the sources living in /usr/src
-> I hope you have checked the ../dial/conf/PICOBSD
config file...
-> Checking if we have to build the PICOBSD kernel...
cat PICOBSD | grep -v "MFS_ROOT" >
echo "options   MFS_ROOT" >>
echo "options   MFS_ROOT_SIZE=1600" >>
(cd /usr/src/sys/i386/conf;  config PICOBSD-D.1600; 
cd /usr/src/sys/compile/PICOBSD-D.1600;  make depend
&& make)
config: PICOBSD-D.1600:29: root/dump/swap
specifications obsolete
*** Error code 1
Stop in /usr/src/release/picobsd/dial/conf.
-----------------end error message-----------------


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