where can I get the latest version of picoBSD

Chris Fox chrisfox8 at comcast.net
Thu May 27 17:32:30 PDT 2004

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John E Hein wrote:
| Sevag Krikorian wrote at 17:04 -0700 on May 27, 2004:
|  > --- John E Hein <jhein at timing.com> wrote:
|  > > Signal 11 is often an indication of hardware
|  > > problems (mem,
|  > > overheating).  Have you tried a different memory
|  > > stick?
|  > > How much memory?
|  >
|  > I have 98 mb on that box.
| That is more than enough.
| You could try running with just one memory stick to isolate
| potentially bad memory.
| Just because win95 (et. al.) seemed to worked okay (or as well as
| win95 CAN work) could just mean it's not tickling a memory problem
| that does exist.
| Anyway, there shouldn't be anything in the configuration that you've
| described that should prevent you from running PicoBSD or FreeBSD.
| Good luck.

The crack about '95 is uncalled for; we all know it sucked, why beat a
dead horse?

But if there actually was a memory problem, as I have seen before on
machines that still ran OK under Home versions of Windows, it would show
up during installation.
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