where can I get the latest version of picoBSD

Sevag Krikorian kahlinor at yahoo.com
Thu May 27 17:06:01 PDT 2004

--- John E Hein <jhein at timing.com> wrote:
> Signal 11 is often an indication of hardware
> problems (mem,
> overheating).  Have you tried a different memory
> stick?
> How much memory?

I have 98 mb on that box.

>  > I'm assuming the current PicoBSD doesn't run on
> older
>  > hardware?
> It should run fine on an AMD K6.
> Another thing to try... attach a CDROM drive, and
> boot a FreeBSD full
> release CD as a sanity check.

I may do that if I can find a cheap CDR drive
somewhere.  My current one does not read very reliably
so I took it out.

The machine used to run Windows 95 without difficulty.
 Recently, it runs FreeDOS and MenuetOS, both of which
can access all the memory (according to the OS).  But
attempting to load any Linux based OS always ends up
with an unrecoverable kernel crash.

Thanks for the assistance.  If worse comes to worse, I
may just scrap my WinMe box.  That OS is beginning to
annoy me.

Sevag Krikorian  -=[Kain]=-


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