where can I get the latest version of picoBSD

Sevag Krikorian kahlinor at yahoo.com
Wed May 26 18:54:36 PDT 2004


Recently I have an interest in playing around with a
new OS after 10 years of Windows.  Here is what I have
and what I'm trying to do, please let me know if I'm
in the wrong place or if this is not possible.

I have:
233MHZ AMDk-6 processor with 3GB HD and pretty much
dead in the water when it comes to networking or
anything else for that matter, other than a floppy. 
Currently, this box runs on the floppy-version of
FreeDOS installed on the HD.

What I want to do:
Install a FreeBSD hobby development environment, one
floppy at a time.  I thought I would start with
PicoBSD to get the ball rolling.

My problem:
The PicoBSD floppy boots no problem on my fully loaded
600MHZ Celeron WinME.  However, when I try to load it
on my dinosaur, the bootup hangs after the kernel
configuration... even after I diable just about
everything non-essential.

I get the following errors:
always: pid8 (shl), uid 0: exited on signal 11
sometimes: pid4 (sh)
sometimes it says "error on process 8" which I assume
is the same thing as the pid8 error.

I'm assuming the current PicoBSD doesn't run on older
hardware?  So is there a more primitive version of
PicoBSD that I can get so that I can at least load up
a shell envrionment, with some basic tools for
formatting and partitioning the HD, setting up a boot
sector and an HD startup sequence?

Eventually, I would like to install assembly language
development tools and go wild learning BSD as a break
from Windows.

I'm not interested (yet) of accessing networks from
this machine, though I may eventually install a modem
on it.  This is not important now.


Sevag Krikorian  -=[Kain]=-


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