Paring down a FreeBSD system for flash drive use ?

M. Warner Losh imp at
Fri Jun 18 00:40:22 GMT 2004

In message: <1087368575.35868.21.camel at>
            Murray Taylor <murraytaylor at> writes:
: Ok ok so I'm only a green belt wizard who is more than happy with the 
: vanilla flavour that I create .... ;-p (and no I dont have X installed
: (yet) on the CF)

We have X11 installed in about 16-18MB.  It is hard for me to know
because we install X11 and a bunch of toolkits which makes it hard to
know what the smallest size we need.

: Having bashed picoBSD around several years ago, I am much happier with 
: the miniBSD structure as all the standard programs are there
: _unmodified_.

Me too.  That's why we use this rather than a picobsd based system.


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