ThinBSD with other videodriver

Martin Nilsson martin at
Tue Jun 15 09:06:50 GMT 2004


I installed thinbsd on to a flash card yesterday only to find that I had 
a trident Cyberblade video in my tiny diskless client.

What is the best way to change the driver? Are only the via driver 
compiled and included in mfsroot.gz ?
I found a reference to the via driver in one configure script in the 
Xorg port, can i just change this to trident and build a new Xserver?

There should be some convenient way to change the video driver and 
Xconfig file (for instance, I have a swedish keyboard, not a french!).
Maybe it would be better to have a more complete Xserver available and 
then just pick the parts that are needed and put them into mfsroot.

Also if booting by PXE are there some way to specify differenet mfsroot 
files depending on the device booting, I have many different kinds of 
thin clients available.

Thanks for a good start, I already like ThinBSD much better than PXEs linux!


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