Do I make any mistake ?????

valentino lionheart gudang_program at
Sun Jun 6 10:56:23 GMT 2004

This is what I have did in configuring the PicoBSD, this thing suppose to work as router.
I am using nat instead of dhcp.
1. downloading extracting the xxxx.tar.gz file.
2. copiing the xxxxx.flp to a floppy disk.
3. in " config> " I type "enable ed0" and "enable ed1". I type "ls' and it is enabled, so I 
4. I choose a VIA ethernet card ( My NICs are VIA ). the boot procedure finished so I 
    update the setting.
5. at the top line in rc.conf file 
    I change the "oif" into ed0 and "iif" into ed1 
6. I add these line into rc.conf file 
    ifconfig_ed0 = netmask
    ifconfig_ed1 = netmask
6. I set the default router number.
7.I forget in what line but still in the rc.conf 
   I change the "dhcp" into "natd".
8. I enable the ping command by deleting a "#" at rc.firewall file.
9. I update it again and reboot.
well, that's all. I guess I've done everything but I still can't ping to the default router IP nor to any computer at my network number.
Is there anything I forget ? 
please give me a solution.  

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