need some help with picoBSD internet connection

minikestausado minikestausado at
Thu Jul 22 22:34:09 PDT 2004

hi...I was SO happy when I fund this small BSD version, 'cause I was looking around an unix-based OS to try apart windows.. but I cannot connect to the internet with this little BSD version.. 
I make the connection thru a modem device, and I download the modem version of pico; I follow exaclty all of the instuctions to configure the ppp stuff (with the dialup script) but when I finish and try to connect, I only get an error message like this:
//  usr interfase=tun0
    child failed.   // 
I thought bsd wasn't recognizing my modem (docked at com3 -- 2 on bsd), so I swap the port number (0,1and 2) but but the result were always the same.
The only difference I saw is, when I set it in #2 -the 'right one'- it takes a few seconds to return the error message (don't know if in that time the system is 'searching' the modem), and when I set the number to  another port, the error message is instantaneously.
Do you have any idea what's going on? -my modem is NOT a winmodem.
Can anybody teach me how to 'search the modem by my own' in BSD and tell the system: 'hey, you! here is the modem..'   or something like that?
please, help me!! I really want to use this OS ..and adopt it as my main system  
thanks in advance...

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