Compiling PicoBSD on 5.x

masta diz at
Mon Apr 26 07:41:00 PDT 2004


Sure,  you need to check that the md-image is being extracted prior to 
In the boot prompt you can try to lsmod to see what modules are loaded 
(md-images appear as kernel modules).

So all you have to do is interupt the boot sequence, and dispatch the 
`lsmod` command, and see what it shows you.


Neo-Vortex wrote:

>Ive been trying to get PicoBSD to compile on 5.x... dosent work...
>After editing the kernel config file and that quite abit i eventually got
>it to compile and create an image, but when i copy it to a floppy it fails on
>boot (Unable to mount /)
>Any ideas?
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