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Sun Jun 15 10:55:49 PDT 2003

Chen Hao <anqinger at> 20 lines of wisdom included:
> Hello: 
>    I want to know how to change the root passward in PicoBSD.
>    When I changed the root passward using the command "passwd", the system 
> informed that 
> the disk is full, write fail.( I boot system from floppy ) 

It's read-only, it can't modify the disk. You can change the passwd
before PicoBSD is built, if you're building it off a FreeBSD

>  Does the source for PicoBSD is open? If yes, where can I get it? 

Yes it is.

It's built from the kernel and some userland utilitie

Everything you need should be there. You should be able to change
the root password before the floppy is built.

>  Does the PicoBSD support some add-ons such as gcc or perl?

It "supports" them, but you're gonna have a hard time fitting them
on a PicoBSD floppy. You're gonna have a harder time editing and
storing files on a floppy :)

What exactly is it you want to do?

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