dhcpd in a crunch?

Bob Bishop rb at gid.co.uk
Mon Jul 14 01:08:26 PDT 2003


At 00:43 14/7/03, Chuck T. wrote:
>Has anyone had any success in getting dhcpd to build as part of a crunch 
>since 4.6R ?  I had no problems in 4.4 and 4.5, but haven't been able to 
>get it to build since it was updated prior ro the 4.6 release.  The basic 
>problem is the build isn't finding minires/minires.h.  When it build it 
>"normally" it builds fine.  I tried to figure out the make file but didn't 
>have much luck.
>The errors look:
>--- snip --- [etc]

When the build falls over, rm *FIXED.c from the minires directory and 
rerun. Ugly but worked for me.

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