Discless 5.1

John E Hein jhein at timing.com
Thu Aug 21 15:00:47 PDT 2003

Neal Nelson wrote at 14:49 +0200 on Aug 21:
 > I've been using FreeBSD-Stable for some time on my CompactFlash based 
 > firewall. I was thinking of moving to FreeBSD-5.1 but the rc system has 
 > changed. Does anyone know how to set up a discless 5.12 system like 
 > using rc.diskless2 on -stable?

Here's a hack that worked okay for me (creates and populates a /var
memory file sys at boot)...

- on the compact flash, cp etc/rc.d/diskless etc/rc.d/diskless2
- Add 'dlv=1' after the 'dlv=`sysctl ...' line

The existing diskless rc scripts in 5.x are geared toward nfs diskless
clients.  I have yet to look in detail at creating an rc script that
is tailored for a read-only / & /usr that are local (e.g., on the
compact flash), but the above got me running.

 > As an aside: does anyone know if it's possible to compile a 5.1 world 
 > on -stable? Mine seems to fail and I don't want to upgrade my server 
 > until 5 goes stable.

Building yesterday's -current on 4.8 worked okay for me.

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