pico bsd

Paul Orsi rrsquid at transbay.net
Sat Apr 5 16:50:27 PST 2003

Can anyone help on this subject? 

Greetings Andrzej Bialecki,
    I am having problems with dialup getting the following messages:
"No available tunnel devices found"
"bundle_Create: Device not configured"

I added another nameserver to resolv.conf file and edited the ppp.conf file as well as trying the dialup script in /stand/dialup. 
Any assistance would be appreciated. My guess is that perhaps i should add a Modem= /dev/ttyS1 and maybe a Init=ATZ and Init2= ATQ0 VI EI SO=0 PD2 SII=55 + FCLASS=0 to my ppp.conf file.

I would really love to get this working. I also use FreeBSD 5.0

Thanks and please keep going on this project,
Paul Orsi

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