Security leak: Public disclosure of user data without their consent by installing software via pkg

Miroslav Lachman 000.fbsd at
Thu Apr 8 21:30:30 UTC 2021

On 08/04/2021 18:24, Shawn Webb wrote:


> 1. Ad hominem much? I understand the underlying problem very well.
> 2. Your hostility is incredibly annoying.
> 3. You attribute malice where there is none.
> 4. This is volunteer work, where volunteers have everyones well-being
>     in mind.
> 5. Threatening to go to journalists accomplishes... what? What makes
>     you think journalists are NOT paying attention to this list? What
>     makes you think journalists care about you?
> 6. I really, really, really, really, really hate the "Karen" meme. But
>     it fits incredibly well here.
> 7. Where can I review your patches that fix the problem?

To be honest, the original post contained link to PR 251152 where Steve 
Wills posted patch 2020-12-07. What more patch is needed? The same patch 
The fix was not committed for a 5 months
The sending of the data is not unintentional as the maintainer stated in 
his comment #13 from 2020-12-29

Even the code in periodic/monthly/300.statistics is written in "very 
unusual way". There are cases with 3 switches:
if YES = run it
if NO = tell user to enable it
if anything else = run it

Is this how all periodic scripts should behave? I don't think so. It 
should run if _enable="YES" and be silent in any other case.

Again - the first patch was provided 5 months ago by Steve Wills and the 
problem was not fixed to this day because maintainer thinks there is 
nothing to fix.

Your first jump in this thread with "lolwut" reaction was very far from 
expected. Trying to neglect the problem, trying to say that FreeBSD is 
not responsible for how packages behave in install time and nobody 
should be upset that something sends data on install time...

Kind reagards
Miroslav Lachman

> 8. Entitlement mentality much?
> Sure, the bsdstats package shouldn't submit just on "pkg install."
> Instead of fixing the problem, you went the hostile route.
> I'm sure you won't learn anything from this, but I hope you do. To me,
> it reinforces how random people feel entitled to force their will on
> others.
> Thanks,

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