Security leak: Public disclosure of user data without their consent by installing software via pkg

Miroslav Lachman 000.fbsd at
Tue Apr 6 14:39:45 UTC 2021

On 06/04/2021 16:27, Shawn Webb wrote:

> 1. BSDStats isn't run/maintained by the FreeBSD project. File the
>     report with the BSDStats project, not FreeBSD.
> 2. You install a package that is made to submit statistical data.
> 3. You're upset that it submits statistical data?

The problem here is that it collects and sends data right at the install 
time. It is really unexpected to run installed package without user 
consent. If you install Apache, MySQL or any other package the command / 
daemon is no run by "pkg install" command.
This must be avoided.

Kind regards
Miroslav Lachman

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