/etc/rc.d/ipropd_master overwrites /var/heimdal/slaves

Jason C. Wells jasoncwells at fastmail.com
Wed Sep 7 01:35:52 UTC 2016

First off, thanks for updating heimdal. I've been eagerly awaiting that. 
(Although, I might be late to the party since I only recently updated to 
10.3 from 9.3.)

The FreeBSD provided /etc/rc.d/ipropd_master script always overwrites 
/var/heimdal/slaves within the precmd portion of the RC script. I find 
this to be extremely odd. Rather, please just check if 
/var/heimdal/slaves is empty if you must check anything at all. If one 
happily follows along with the heimdal website and writes out 
/var/heimdal/slaves, one unhappily finds that /etc/rc.d/ipropd_master 
will unhappily overwrite your file.

In other news, /etc/rc.d/apache needs a variable called httpd_conf that 
overwrites /usr/local/etc/httpd.conf upon every boot. That is, if we 
want to be consistent. ( <== a small joke )

Jason C. Wells

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