OpenSSH, PAM and kerberos

Slawa Olhovchenkov slw at
Thu Aug 29 00:46:39 UTC 2013

I am try to setup single sign-on and found this is imposuble due to
bug in OpenSSH: currently sshd do pam_authenticate() and
pam_acct_mgmt() from child process, but pam_setcred() from paren
proccess. pam_krb5 in pam_sm_setcred() required information from
pam_sm_authenticate and can't work corretly (can't create
/tmp/krb5cc_NNNN, can't set envirompent KRB5CCNAME and so).

In logs/debugs this is as 

openpam_dispatch(): pam_sm_setcred(): failed to retrieve user credentials

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