getting the running patch level

Dag-Erling Smørgrav des at
Mon Aug 13 20:07:07 UTC 2012

Manolis Kiagias <sonic2000gr at> writes:
> One could also set the environment variable UNAME_r to the correct
> value (either in system wide e.g. /etc/profile or to a specific user
> dot files).

If your goal is to have uname(1) return the correct value, yes, except
it won't always work.  For instance, sudo(1) (and probably also su(1),
but I never use it) will strip it from the environment and will *not*
run /etc/profile before the requested command.

> Or, since the correct value is always in, if src is present
> in the system a periodic script could update it automatically.

We can't assume that src is present.

> The manual updating  will cause more confusion in the long run -
> people tend to forget these things...

Nobody suggested manually updating anything.

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