getting the running patch level

Roberto robertot at
Fri Aug 10 12:06:58 UTC 2012

So as far I understand, if the kernel is not updated by the update process, it
is not possible to get via "uname" the currently patch level.

I also read about put some syscall to return from the kernel the current patch
level, but still this solution is "bound" to the kernel modification, which
could be not in all cases;
in my opinion, why should the kernel keep track of user space packages ?
in other word, if freebsd-update change a ssh package (just an example) why
this operation should have side effects with the kernel ?
But this is just my opinion.

I also think this task (keeping track of patch level) should better related to
the command freebsd-update itself, should not ?
could the update system (that include freebsd-update) keep track of what is
the current system patching state ? and why not all previous package updates ?
still these are my ideas...


On Thu, August 9, 2012 18:05, Cedric GROSS wrote:
> Hello Roberto,
> In fact "uname -a" report patch level BUT if you update your system by
> freebsd-update, patch level could be an old one.
> As discuss here
> Regards
> Cedric

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