ftpd security issue ?

Xin Li delphij at delphij.net
Thu Dec 8 22:24:19 UTC 2011

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On 12/08/11 13:52, Mike Tancsa wrote:
> On 11/30/2011 8:37 PM, Mike Tancsa wrote:
>> On 11/30/2011 8:16 PM, Xin LI wrote:
>>> Sorry I patched at the wrong place, this one should do.
>>> Note however this is not sufficient to fix the problem, for
>>> instance one can still upload .so's that run arbitrary code at
>>> his privilege, which has to be addressed in libc.  I need some
>>> time to play around with libc to really fix this one.
>> Hi, Yes, that looks better!  With respect to users uploading .so
>> files, I guess why not just upload executables directly ?
>> Although I suppose if they are not allowed to execute anything,
>> this would be a way around that.
>> Now to prod the proftpd folks
> I was testing sshd when the user's sftp session is chrooted to see
> how it behaves. Because of the safety design of the way sshd is
> written, its not possible to do this out of the box.  The person
> would first need to create those files as root since the chroot
> directory is not writeable by the user as explained in 
> http://www.gossamer-threads.com/lists/openssh/dev/44657
> But if somehow the user is able to create those directories at the
> top, or those directories are created ahead of time for the user
> thats writeable by them, the bogus lib will and does run in the
> user's context.
> I dont imagine this is common, but I am sure there is some
> potential foot shooting going on.  Looking at the scponly port, it
> seems well aware of this based on the suggested setup.  But again,
> foot shooting could happen if the lib path is not secured
> properly.
> Other than having /etc/nsswitch.conf, are there any other methods
> that would trigger loading of shared libs in the chrooted
> environment ?

PAM and iconv (not enabled by default) come to mind.

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