Allegations regarding OpenBSD IPSEC

Mike Tancsa mike at
Wed Dec 15 12:48:41 UTC 2010

On 12/15/2010 6:36 AM, Andy Kosela wrote:
> Some of you probably already read this:
> Interesting...I wonder what is the impact of all this on FreeBSD code.
> We may very well suppose that any government or corporation funded code
> can theoretically have some kind of backdoor inside.

Seems possible. However, not very probable IMHO.  As others have said,
would the guy really have a 10yr NDA, afterwords which would allow him
to post such details ? Seems rather silly on that alone.  The further
unfortunate thing about this is that any number of potential
implementation bugs can now be clouded in conspiracy theory.

Hell, if people believe 9/11 was all staged, ipsec backdoors are a no
brainer.  I can see it now. The next bug that is found in the crypto
system or network stack will draw a flood of discussion. "Is this the
back door??"

Seems to be getting industry reporting too


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