New entropy source proposal.

Michael Nottebrock michaelnottebrock at
Tue Mar 8 14:25:26 GMT 2005

On Tuesday, 8. March 2005 00:07, Chuck Swiger wrote:

> [ BTW, thanks, Pawel, this looks like a neat idea, even if it may not be
> useable for all machines... ]

The idea stems from the days when Noiseblasters where the peak of digital 
audio for PCs... it's rather sad that now, years later, there's tendencially 
worse hardware being used as part of mobo-chipsets and recording noise is 
still easier than recording an actual signal. In an ideal world, this idea 
wouldn't work. :-\

FWIW, following the general idea of 'static makes good entropy', bktr(4) could 
be used as an entropy source as well.

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