Heads up: End of RELENG_4_8 support

Julian Elischer julian at elischer.org
Sun Mar 6 06:09:09 GMT 2005

Colin Percival wrote:
>   At the end of March, the RELENG_4_8 (sometimes called 4.8-SECURITY)
> branch will reach its designated End of Life and cease to be supported
> by the FreeBSD Security Team.
>   Released in April 2003, FreeBSD 4.8 was the first release designated
> for "extended" two-year security support instead of the normal one-year
> support.  Over this time, 27 security advisories have been issued which
> have affected FreeBSD 4.8.
>   It is recommended that all FreeBSD 4.8 users upgrade their systems to
> FreeBSD 4.11 before the end of the month.  FreeBSD 4.11 has also been
> designated for extended support, and will be supported until at least
> the end of January 2007.
>   After FreeBSD 4.8, the next release End of Life will be for FreeBSD
> 4.10, which will cease to be supported at the end of May 2006.
> Colin Percival
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thanks for holding 4.8 as long as you have..

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