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Colin Percival colin.percival at wadham.ox.ac.uk
Fri Mar 4 13:39:27 GMT 2005

The mailing list detained my email because I posted from the wrong
address... hoepfully it will get through this time.

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Subject: Re: Fwd: FreeBSD hiding security stuff
Date: Fri, 04 Mar 2005 05:35:32 -0800
From: Colin Percival <cperciva at freebsd.org>
To: Devon H. O'Dell <dodell at sitetronics.com>
CC: mike at sentex.net,  freebsd-security at freebsd.org,
security-officer at dragonflybsd.org
References: <1109942895.3926.71.camel at localhost.localdomain>

Devon H. O'Dell wrote:
> Matt (Dillon) replied stating that the aforementioned `advisory' wasn't
> enough information to ``go on.'' We (security-officer at dragonflybsd.org)
> were told that we'd receive the paper after it was confirmed that
> DragonFly is affected. Matt asked if it was related to a certain issue.
> The response was ``No.''

... and then Matt started corresponding with me directly.

Colin Percival

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