Renaming root account

Greg Barniskis nalists at
Thu Mar 3 14:06:38 GMT 2005

Alec Berryman wrote:
> On our networks we have certainly changed the Windows Administrator
> account's name, but that's mostly because there's no good way to
> remotely log in as an unprivileged user and perform the equivalent of
> 'su -'. [1]
> [1] I'm no Windows guru - if there is a way I'd certainly like to know!

Alec, see the URL below re: the "runas" cmd line tool and the "Run 
as..." GUI widgetry (the link is probably wrapped and broken):

Sorry to everyone else for bringing the site of the beast into this 
forum, but this is an important and not well-understood feature of 
modern Windows (and the question was raised).

I like to use runas best on the command line, which I find is most 
effective with a batch wrapper so I don't have to type in all the 
syntax. Never tried using it remotely, but I assume it would work. 
The only thing I don't understand is why MS doesn't trumpet this 
privilege differentiation feature during the OS installation (like 
FreeBSD and others do) so that people could be, like, clueful and 
stuff. I guess it'd lower their demand for paid tech support. ;-)

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