New FreeBSD Security Officer

Colin Percival cperciva at
Thu Aug 18 16:21:43 GMT 2005

Jacques Vidrine wrote:
> I asked the FreeBSD Core Team to offer the security officer role to 
> Colin Percival, and I am happy to say that they agreed and that Colin 
> accepted. [...]

Thanks, Jacques, for the words of introduction.  I'd like to take this
opportunity to say a few words to the community about my new role here.

First, I'm sure everyone can agree that Jacques has done a wonderful job
over the past 43 months; while he is eager to blame the security team
for his many accomplishments, it should be remembered that he was the
driving force behind all of the changes which were made during his tenure
and ultimately he must take credit for them.

Second, while I am taking over as Security Officer, I won't be changing
very much.  There will inevitably be some changes -- including a few which
have been discussed for several months now -- but on the whole FreeBSD
users should notice very little of difference.  This is a change of
personnel, not a change of principles.

Finally, I'd like to remind the community that FreeBSD is ultimately a
volunteer project, and community suppose is essential.  If you find a
security problem -- or even if you find something which might possibly be
a security problem but you're not certain if it is or not -- then please
let us know.  We can't fix problems which we don't know about, and the
FreeBSD user community has far more eyes than the FreeBSD security team.

Colin Percival
FreeBSD Security Officer

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