recompile sshd with OPIE?

Joel Hatton joel at
Tue Aug 16 07:04:41 GMT 2005

> freebsd-security at writes:
> > This may sound like a really silly question, but how do I enable it? 
> ChallengeResponseAuthentication Yes

Aah - silly me - I always associated that with PAM. I'll try this asap -
holiday tomorrow so in a day or two.

> > There's no man[5] sshd_config entry,

Sorry, I meant there's no mention of OPIE in man[5] sshd_config - as soon
as I read my email I thought it could be misinterpreted :)

> > but through trial and error I
> > identified an option that doesn't cause an error: SkeyAuthentication yes
> Which FreeBSD version are you running?  There is no such option in any
> recent OpenSSH version, and unrecognized options should cause a fatal
> error.

5.3Rp20 - I found this option just by random guessing, it didn't cause an
error and the daemon started ok! Didn't work though...

thanks very much,
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