quick questions RE: Intel Integrated Server RAID and FreeBSD

Juri Mianovich juri_mian at yahoo.com
Sat Mar 28 20:30:27 PDT 2009

(originally posted in freebsd-fs, but on second thought I think this is the appropriate list)


I am considering this motherboard:


The Intel S5000 PSL Server board, with "Intel Integrated Server RAID".  I plan on using the onboard raid for a simple boot mirror.

I have two quick questions:

1. What chipset/controller is this "Intel Integrated Server RAID" and is it well supported in FreeBSD ?  Will sysinstall recognize it ?  Is there a CLI tool ofr viewing
status once FreeBSD is running ?

2. Is this _real_ hardware raid ?  As in, FreeBSD will know _nothing_ about the raid and will simply see one disk (which is a mirror) ?  I am seeing discussion that I
don't understand about how this is somehow software raid, but If it's all built on the board ... ?

Performance isn't a real issue since it is just a boot mirror.  I just want to hide the raid layer from the OS and do my raid work (rebuilds, etc.) through the BIOS.



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