amr driver broken since March 12

Scott Long scottl at
Fri Mar 27 09:06:32 PDT 2009

Danny Braniss wrote:
>> Danny Braniss wrote:
>>> at least for me :-)
>>> [and sorry for the cross posting]
>>> old (March 12 , i know need the svn rev number but...)
>> None of the commit activity on March 12 is jumping out at me as being 
>> suspicious.  However, you are now the second person who has told me 
>> about AMR problems in 7.1 recently.  If you have a precise svn change
>> number, it would help greatly.
>> Scott
> my bad. the last working amr/iir is from March 12.
> I first detected the problem sometime later, but not later than March 23.
> So it has to be changes in that time frame.
> both drivers are showing similar symptoms:
> 	waiting for not busy
> the iir goes on for ever, and it's the cam that eventually panics,
>  run_interrupt_driven_hooks: still waiting after 300 seconds for xpt_config
> (actually not 100% true, depending if WITNESS is on or off, it sometimes
> just hangs).
> the amr seems to time out:
> 	amr0: adapter is busy
> thanks for looking into the problem,
> danny

Ok, here are a series of revisions to step through, in forward order.
Make sure that you are starting with at least revision 189568.  Then,
update to exactly the revision numbers below, recompile the kernel, and


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