Tester wanted for multipath failover iSCSI target software

Pete French petefrench at ticketswitch.com
Thu Mar 12 07:39:11 PDT 2009

Oh dear.... doing the test again caused the client machine to panic,
with the following message:

panic: solaris assert: 0 == dmu_buf_hold(os, lr->lr_foid, boff, zgd, &db), file /usr/src/sys/modules/zfs/../../cddl/controb/opensolaris/uts/common/fs/zfs/zfs_nops.c, line: 955

(that was copied out by hand so there might be typos).

Since that was on the client side it makes me think there is a mproblem
with the initiator. But the same test to the netbsd-target works fine,
so it's some interaction between the two bits of software I guess.


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