Tester wanted for multipath failover iSCSI target software

Daisuke Aoyama aoyama at peach.ne.jp
Thu Mar 12 06:21:56 PDT 2009


Thank you for reporting.

>I have tested "net/istgt" for couple of days with Windows XP and it
>works more reliable than NetBSD "net/iscsi-target".
>With NetBSD implementation sometimes I lost partition filesystem
>information after disconnecting server from network or rebooting my

Yes, it is one of differences.
istgt reports connected information such as SCSI port to the initiator
for discriminating multipath and failover path.
As a side effect, perhaps more accurate identification is possible.

>Is there any particular testcases you want to perform?
If you use it as usual, it is tested enough.
If I had to say, I want to know how much a CPU usage on the target machine.
Because istgt is more complicated than iscsi-target.

>Tested on FreeBSD 7.1-STABLE #0: Wed Mar 11 22:29:33 EET 2009
Did you use the target with ZFS? or UFS?
Did you use MCS feature?

Daisuke Aoyama

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