iSCSI initiator StatSN

Daisuke Aoyama aoyama at
Wed Mar 4 10:11:13 PST 2009


I'm now writing an iSCSI target designed for multipath failover cluster 
I noticed that FreeBSD initiator (2.1.0) was not able to be connected.
So I have two questions.

My target send StatSN=0(taken from ExpStatSN in request) at first response.
But next request still have ExpStatSN=0 in PDU.
What value does expect for StatSN?

An initial version of the target is send-pr as PR 132016.
The latest version is uploaded on my site pointed by PR.

I want to replace the distfile because of many bugs.
Does anyone known how to replace the file in this PR?

Daisuke Aoyama

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