camcontrol and IDAD0

Antonio Nati - Inter at zioni a.nati at
Thu Sep 1 16:26:47 GMT 2005

How can I handle Compaq Smart Raid disks using camcontrol?

I've looked a lot around, and found sometimes the same question, but 
no answers:

I've an internal Smart Raid card (on a DL360) handling a mirrored set of disks.

Boot says:
Aug  5 21:23:13 ia-srv01 kernel: idad0: <Compaq Logical Drive> on ida0
Aug  5 21:23:13 ia-srv01 kernel: idad0: 17359MB (35553120 sectors), 

RAID is working properly, but I have no way (apparently) to check it 
within FreeBSD.

Command "camcontrol devlist -v" returns

scbus-1 on xpt0 bus 0:
<  >                               at scbus-1 target -1 lun -1 (xpt0)

atacontrol does not says anything about this disk.

What can I do? Is there any other resource/command available in order 
to solve this problem?



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