making Ruby 1.9 default

Eric freebsdlists-ruby at
Wed Mar 16 10:58:35 UTC 2011

> From: Steve Wills <swills at>


> Ruby 1.9.x has been the "current stable version" of Ruby (according to
> since April 21, 2009 (at least according to my reading of
> the WebBack machine). It seems to me it would be really nice to get Ruby
> 1.9 as the default version by 9.0. Does that seem reasonable to everyone
> else? If so, I'd like to do some work towards making that happen.


I've personally been a bit snowed under with work recently, but I'm very
happy to help you out where possible on this, generating patches, etc.

> Am I crazy? Barking up the wrong tree, etc? Any input would be appreciated.

No that all sounds very sensible to my mind.  It does seem to be a good idea
to get the Ruby default up to 1.9.x in time for a FreeBSD 9 release, I've no
idea if that is really practical, I vaguely remember reading somewhere that
release was planned for May(ish).



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