Eric freebsdlists-ruby at
Wed Apr 28 19:03:40 UTC 2010

Hi all,

I've noticed that from time to time the migration of gems from
to has been mentioned on the lists, but it would
appear nothing has been changed yet in the file (may have
missed something in progress of course).  Thought it would be worth bringing
the matter up for a quick discussion before randomly sending in PRs :)

I was wondering if people felt it was better to create a new master site for rather than add them to the existing MASTER_SITE_RUBYFORGE

It looks to me like the hosting is essentially 'flat' as
opposed to the rubyforge where things were in sub-directories so for example
looking at the sys-cpu gem which I just submitted a port for, on RubyForge
it's here:

and on RubyGems is here:

I'm sure there are plenty of others like that, so I'm not sure just adding
the s3 and cf hosts to the MASTER_SITE_RUBYFORGE entry is the best way of
doing things, since the RF/RG hosting solutions do not directly line up.
Instead perhaps adding an additional MASTER_SITE_RUBYGEMS (with say a macro
of RG for ease) would be better. Then as gem ports are upgraded and the
source is no longer on RF the MASTER_SITES=RF in the Makefile can be changed
as part of the upgrade.

Thoughts?  Worth knocking up a diff and getting it in?



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