hello,please help me

Amin Hamzeh Nejadi bia2kerman at yahoo.com
Thu Apr 9 08:18:57 UTC 2015

helloI'm sorry for misspellingsi have cx/us 7.1  os  on harris nighthawk 5800 seriesI have been corrupted due to hardware components(such as HDD and Tape Drive)

I need to upgrade my system
But CX/UX OS does not recognize the new hardware platforms
   For example: 4GB HDD
Quesyion :Q1 : Can I run an application that was work on the CX/UX 7.1 operating system running on a newer operating system ?:such as : freebsd realtime os version(CX/UX is real time os)if yes : please tell me Os Name and Version or Download Link

Q2: Can I Install CX/UX 7.1  or freebsd realtime os(Is there such a version?)   in VMWARE or other  virtual machine?
   Please help me
   If I can not solve this problem, I will lose my job
Please give me a answerthanks a lotPlease send Me Email
My Email : bia2kerman at yahoo.com

Amin Hamzeh Nejadi

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