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Sat Nov 4 18:48:24 UTC 2006

This advisory is based on exclusive insiders/agents information. (NHVP.PK) 
NHVP has provided investors with 1000% + gains during the real estate boom, and now with the sector at its bottom, is ready to provide with results yet again..

OCT 13th: Northeast Development Corp. to Receive Funding from European Investment Firm. Preliminary discussions suggest figures of -3 million with a combination of real estate and equity collateralization. 

at 08 cents its a STEAL

- Volume: 8,000
- Volume: + 100% 
- Price: +100% 

The key to any tade is buying low and selling high, WELL the REAL ESTATE market has bottomed out and time to get in is now. We specialise in calling market bottom and when it comes to REAL ESTATE THIS IS THE BOTTOM, SO GET IN FOLKS

McKay's funeral in Victorville was the first for the five U.S. Forest Service firefighters who were overrun by flames October 26 in Southern California's San Jacinto Mountains.
Bush said Democrats calling for withdrawing U.S. troops from Iraq aren't unpatriotic, just wrong. He said Democrats who voted against legislation to detain and interrogate suspected terrorists, the National Security Agency's eavesdropping program and the Patriot Act don't understand the stakes in the war on terror.
Previewing his weekend at his Texas ranch, Bush said he planned to be with his wife, Laura, to celebrate her birthday Saturday.
The airplane, which also carried flight instructor Tyler Stanger, struck the building and fell 30 stories to the street below. Investigators do not say whether they determined who was at the controls of the Cirrus SR20.

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