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Wed Dec 7 13:11:20 PST 2005

the Owl to be beside herself and said that she was mad. But
afterwards, finding her words were true, they wondered at her
knowledge and deemed her to be the wisest of birds. Hence it is
that when she appears they look to her as knowing all things,
while she no longer gives them advice, but in solitude laments
their past folly. 
The Trumpeter Taken Prisoner 
A TRUMPETER, bravely leading on the soldiers, was captured by the
enemy. He cried out to his captors, Pray spare me, and do not
take my life without cause or without inquiry. I have not slain
a single man of your troop. I have no arms, and carry nothing
but this one brass trumpet. That is the very reason for which
you should be put to death, they said; for, while you do not

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