FreeBSD 3.4 for EclipseBSD

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Wed Apr 2 13:25:12 PST 2003

Peng Li wrote:

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Cross posting 3 lists is Not approved ! Good way to annoy people.

For sources, Download a compressed 400M CVS tree EG\
or ftp from your nearest national mirror.
then approx. ...
	cd some_dir_with_2gig_free ; ctm ../cvs-cur.9000xEmpty.gz
	setenv CVSROOT /..........some_dir_with_2gig_free
	cd some_dir_with300Mfree
	cvs -R export -r RELENG_3_4_0_RELEASE  src 

For binaries on cdrom refer via
to the list of cdrom vendors, send them mail, & buy an old cdrom set

> Hi,
> I'm trying to use EclipseBSD for real-time scheduling research.
> Unfortunately, the current EclipseBSD (I guess it is also the latest 
> version)
> requires FreeBSD 3.4-RELEASE, which I can't find anywhere.
> Every one seems pushing for 4.x or 5.x.
> Could anybody point me where to download FreeBSD 3.4?
> Or you have better suggestions, EclipseBSD with later versions of FreeBSD,
> other alternative of developing custom real-time process/packet/disk 
> scheduler
> instead of EclipseBSD.
> Please let me know. Thanks a lot.
> Peng Li

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