Merging rc.d/network_ipv6 into rc.d/netif

Mike Makonnen mtm at FreeBSD.Org
Mon Nov 5 14:16:43 PST 2007

Hello folks,

I'd really like to get this done soon. I've been using it locally and I
think it's ready for wider testing. The patch is at:

I'll quickly summarize the changes, but there's a longer explanation
attached to the patch.

The main goal of this patch is to remove the special-casing of IPv6
configuration in rc.d. As we get closer and closer to transitioning to
IPv6, there is no reason that IPv6 configuration should continue to be a
special case (with regards to rc.d atleast). So, this is an attempt to
normalize IPv4 and IPv6 network interface configuration and combine them
both in rc.d/netif. Read on for a short summary of the user-visible

The following knobs no longer exist:
They have been replaced by the NOIPV4 and NOIPV6 keywords, respectively.
Use of these knobs will trigger a warning.

The following knobs have changed meaning:
You should no longer put IP related ifconfig(8) commands here. Instead
they go in the respective ipvX_ prefixed knobs. Using these knobs for
passing IP related configuration to ifconfig(8) will trigger a warning.
To pass IP related configuration use instead:

New knobs:
  ipv4_enable - Same deal as ipv6_enable except it works with IPv4
  ipv4_synchronous_dhclient - see explanation in patch
  ipv6_synchronous_dhclient - see explanation in patch

Most IP related knobs will have an ipv4_ and ipv6_ version. To make the
transition easier rc.subr(8) will "automagically" DTRT for the following
        gateway_enable     => ipv4_gateway_enable
        router_enable      => ipv4_router_enable
        router             => ipv4_router
        router_flags       => ipv4_router_flags
        defaultrouter      => ipv4_defaultrouter
        static_routes      => ipv4_static_routes
        static_routes_<IF> => ipv4_static_routes_<IF>
        route_<XXX>        => ipv4_route_<XXX>
        dhclient_program   => ipv4_dhclient_program
        dhclient_flags     => ipv4_dhclient_flags
        dhclient_flags_<IF> => ipv4_dhclient_flags_<IF>
        background_dhclient_<IF> => ipv4_background_dhclient_<IF>

Please try it and let me know what you think.

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