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I have native ipv4 and ipv6 and a lot more ipv6 addresses available than
ipv4. Is there some way of having (externally routable) multiple
ipv6-only interfaces behind that one ipv4 address?

let's say the machine name is ipv6-a.some.name.whatevertld and its
interface has one /64 and only that ip. can I make a machine
call it ipv4.some.name.whatevertld, give it its own ipv4 (and its own
ipv6 - call it ipv6-b.some.name.whatevertld) address and configure 
it to route ipv6-a packets to the right machine?

Otherwise my ipv6-a machine will only be accessible by someone with ipv6
functionality. Basically i'm asking if I can somehow put an ipv6-only
machine on the internet and have it accessible via ipv4. I dimly
remember something about 4to6 and 6to4 translation - is that how?

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