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Luiz Greff luizgreff at gmail.com
Tue Sep 28 09:09:37 UTC 2021

*Dear Friends, Greetings!*

I am Luiz Alberto Greff, from Guarulhos, São Paulo, Brazil, student of
Computation Engineering of Univesp, São Paulo State Virtual University.

For various reasons, even historical ones, and especially to attend my
classes, I want to use the FreeBSD, because I know it's the better
operating system.

On 01Sep2021, I downloaded the following installation files from the
FreeBSD website:

*File Name                                                             File
Size        Date*
FreeBSD-13.0-Release-i386-disc1.iso                792469504    2021-Apr-09
FreeBSD-13.0-Release-i386-memstick.img        872096256    2021-Apr-09 07:26

FreeBSD-13.0-Release-amd64-disc1.iso            971974656    2021-Apr-09
FreeBSD-13.0-Release-amd64-memstick.img   1090900480   2021-Apr-09 07:53

With the SourceForge's Win32 Disk Imager v0.90, I installed
*"FreeBSD-13.0-Release-i386-memstick.img"* on a flash drive, using a
Pentium 4 / Win Xp-SP3 / 32-bit computer. With the flash drive I installed
FreeBSD on a Hard Drive. All normal, until FreeBSD required Login /
Password and rejected all login attempts. I tried everything. Where did I
go wrong? How can I finally open the FreeBSD working screen?

*Thank you very much for your attention and help,*

Luiz Alberto Greff
*Guarulhos - São Paulo - Brazil*
*Luiz Alberto Greff  /  **Ciência e Tecnologia  /  *

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