Gnome-keyring not unlocking

Leon Dietrich doralitze at
Fri Sep 24 12:11:18 UTC 2021


I found a work around for this matter and like to share it in case
someone else might
run into this issue.

> I recently switched from running i3 on Xorg to running sway (Wayland)

As it turns out gnome-keyring uses pinentry-gnome to ask for a passphrase
and will output no error message if it fails to do so. pinentry-gnome does
not seam to work with sway at the moment and will silently fail when trying
to unlock the key ring. A work around would be to either disable the
of the key ring entirely using Xorg again (make sure your passwords are
in another way like for example full disk encryption) or use a PAM
enabled login manager
*that does not switch dbus sessions* to have the key ring being unlocked
prior to starting sway.

I hope someone will consider these information's useful.

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