auditdistd - audit trail file retntion

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>> Subject: auditdistd - audit trail file retntion
>> Hello,
>> I am using auditdistd on FreeBSD 11.4 and 12.2 - I write about audit
>> trail files retention.
>> Is there an option to dispose of older logs in /var/audit/dist ?
>> So far, it seems like a custom cronjob is in order. Something like:
>> ??? /usr/bin/find /var/audit/dist -type f -mtime +7 -exec rm {} \;
>> FYI: I have read up about auditd, /etc/security/audit_control, and the
>> audit -e option. They do not apply to auditdistd.
>> Thank you.
>> Dan Langille - dan at
> Why not just use newsyslog to manage them for you? See newsyslog.conf(5) for details.
newsyslog is a great tool and I've used it for wide range of tasks, not 
just log files.

I use newsyslog when I can. My usual use cases include webserver logs.

The characteristics of the data helps to understand why I think 
newsyslog is not feasible here.

auditdistd does its own rotation. The current log is: 

The previous log is 20210920075923.20210920075929.

There are 457 log files for Sept 20:

$ sudo ls -l /var/audit/dist/ | grep -c ' Sep 20'

If I used a glob, it won't be a typical /var/audit/dist/*.log - it would 
need to be * or something more complex.

Can newsyslog duplicate the above find? That is, removing only files 
older than 7 days?

The when field may consist of an interval, a specific time, or both.

If an interval is specified, the log file will be trimmed if that many 
hours have passed since the
last rotation. I can't see new syslog doing this.

Thank you.
Dan Langille
dan at

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