Clarification on MOVED entries when flavouring a port

Bryan Drewery bryan-lists at
Thu Sep 16 22:40:52 UTC 2021

On 9/14/2021 4:48 PM, Mel Pilgrim wrote:
> I'm flavouring a port.  The pkg name will change when upgrading from
> unflavoured to flavoured because the flavoured version will have a
> PKGNAMESUFFIX.  Does this require a MOVED entry?
> The PKGNAMESUFFIX is based on default-versions so the "default" flavour
> is whatever the current default version is.  If I need a MOVED entry, do
> I make the entry with the current default version?

If the old default behavior now is renamed to FOO-flavor and is also the
new default, then a MOVED entry is probably not needed. That is, if the
user can ignore the change then MOVED does not need to be considered.
MOVED is primarily for paths rather than FLAVORs but it _can_ be used
for FLAVOR renames.

Bryan Drewery

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