boot/shutdown times

Mark Tinka mark at
Sun Sep 12 04:41:30 UTC 2021

On 9/12/21 02:14, Tomasz CEDRO wrote:

> My FreeBSD box boots/shutdowns quickly. I would say way faster than
> Linux (i.e. (L)Ubuntu or Kali). Since I started using ZFS root I never
> even had to fsck.
> I noticed that replacing HDD with SSD brings dramatic speed up to the
> whole system even on older machines. M2 SSD are even faster (assuming
> hardware has support for it).
> I can also see a dramatic difference in boot/shutdown/work speed of
> Lubuntu Linux when working on a machine using SSD (very fast), HDD
> (standard), SD card (slow), and USB3.0 Pendrive (extremely slow like
> 20x slower than HDD). This also depends on kernel version and built in
> configuration.
> Linux uses initramfs. That may be the source of speed up? Maybe with
> FreeBSD you could put its boot and/or base into ramfs I wonder how
> would that speed things up? :-)

I've found that the fastest way to improve boot-up times is running 
FreeBSD on a VM.

I don't care so much about shutdown times, even though those are pretty 


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