zfs newbie - wow and thanks

doug doug at fledge.watson.org
Wed Sep 8 16:54:36 UTC 2021

On Wed, 8 Sep 2021, Arthur Chance wrote:

> On 07/09/2021 23:17, Doug Denault wrote:
>> advantages to one over the other?
> Note the zroot/ROOT/default tree. This lets you use boot environments.
> If you're not familiar with them take a look at bectl(8) and
> https://wiki.freebsd.org/BootEnvironments
> [bectl is a base system command very similar to the earlier beadm port
> that you may see referenced in old documentation.]
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> like real-life experience.
> 			? James Davis Nicoll

First, the above quote is just to good not to include. Secondly I am sorry 
for the double post, I accidently used a non-subscribed email to post. When 
I got the "you can't do this" email from questions I just did it again with 
a valid email. They eventually allowed my mistake also.

Thank you for all the information. I got what I need to go forward with my 
immediate issues. It took me a bit to understand David's setup. That was 
exactly what I am going for. It's above my pay-grade now but I have some 
bare metal to learn and practice on.

Thank you all,

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